Are you doing a renovation on your home?

Are you building a commercial project?

Are you having problems with:

  • Building defects
  • Incomplete work or damage as a result of the builder or contractor’s work
  • Disputes with builders in relation to quality of work including dampness, render cracking, water penetration, movement, doors not closing, quality of finishes etc.
  • Issues during construction in terms of timing or variations
  • Unreasonable payment claims
  • Avoid costly delays
  • Issues with Council
  • Disputes with neighbours during the building process

Your bottom line is of utmost importance to us:

  • We ensure that payments you make are for work that has been completed
  • We set up budgets that control your costs from the onset, giving you the security of knowing that there will be sufficient funds at the completion of your project
  • We provide practical plans as to how to best to overcome financial issues if items come in over budget.
  • We advise on how to reduce costs or postpone non-essential work.

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