How Do We Get Results?

At Building Resolutions, we are confident in getting results using our significant construction experience and well-established and proven negotiation skills.

We tailor solutions according to your unique needs by providing:

A free initial consultation

When we first meet with you, we provide this initial consultation free-of-charge. During this first meeting, we work to determine the issues in your dispute, if a breach of the law has occurred and what options are available to resolve the complaint based on the type, size and stage of your project and the stakeholders involved.

Progress in partnership

Should you wish to move forward with our support, we work in partnership with you. We keep you informed and ensure you are at the centre of all decisions made.

Oversight on your bottom line

Our building consultants also specialise in budget control and dealing with variation issues, which means:

  • They can ensure that payments you make are for work that has been completed.
  • They can set up budgets that control your costs from the onset, giving you the security of knowing that there will be sufficient funds at the completion of your project.
  • They can provide practical plans as to how to best to overcome financial issues if items come in over budget.
  • They can advise on how to reduce costs or postpone non-essential work.

We are confident that by engaging an independent expert, like Building Resolutions, your dispute can be diffused or resolved while avoiding costly delays.